This site is not a product of the Secretary of State of California or of any California state agency. This is a re-packaging of data released by the Secretary of State (SoS) of California. The SoS maintains the official Cal-Access system, a website that the SoS has set up to make this data available to the public. The SoS also releases a more raw form of the "official data" and this site is a re-packinging of that data. If you want the "official data" as filed with the Secretary of State, please go to the Cal-Access site.

This site presents an attempt to "fix" some of the issues with the raw data and to find new and perhaps more interesting ways to organize this data. See this repository for access to code which is being used to create the data used in this site. Anyone with coding skills is invited to participate in the process of developing these scripts. See "Why This Site?" for more information on what is meant by a "fix" in this context and for information on why the data on this site exists if it is not the "official data".

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Please excuse our mess! This site's data is not current at the moment.

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