u Dandy - Our Story








Make Life Dandy began with three friends and a purpose: to promote positivity. As the first canned dandelion wine spritzer, we are excited to introduce palates to this refreshing new flavor.

Our California grown spritzer is hand-crafted with the highest quality ingredients. We realize that what we consume is not only about the taste but also the essence. The beauty of Make Life Dandy can be tasted in its sparkling spirit.

As artists and creators, we aspire to provide the festivity. We are promoting positivity and supplying the alcohol to match.

Dandelion wine is an age-old drink with countless recipes rooted in fermented flowers. We are reinventing this vintage beverage with a youthful twist. We perfected our wine spritzer by fusing natural flavors to compliment the dandelion root while maintaining a transparency throughout.

Dandelions blossom in every condition and our floral flavors are designed for all to enjoy. We’ve canned these flavors to be enjoyed in every setting. Pop the top, take a sip, and #makelifedandy.

Make Life Dandy. More than a beverage, it’s a lifestyle.