Filing ID: 2753938

PDF: https://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/PDFGen/pdfgen.prg?filingid=2753938&amendid=0

Table: cvr2_registration
filing_id   2753938   2753938
amend_id   0   0
line_item   1   2
rec_type   CVR2   CVR2
form_type   F603   F603
tran_id   1   2
entity_cd   EMP   AGY
entity_id   1334810   None
enty_naml   Nabi   All state agencies
enty_namf   Todd   None
enty_namt   None   None
enty_nams   None   None
Table: cvr_registration
filing_id   2753938
amend_id   0
rec_type   CVR
form_type   F603
sender_id   1395867
filer_id   1395867
entity_cd   LEM
filer_namf   None
filer_namt   None
filer_nams   None
report_num   000
rpt_date   2022-11-09 00:00:00
ls_beg_yr   2023
ls_end_yr   2024
qual_date   None
eff_date   None
bus_city   SAN FRANCISCO
bus_st   CA
bus_zip4   94104
bus_phon   4153188960
bus_fax   None
bus_email   [email protected]
mail_city   None
mail_st   None
mail_zip4   None
mail_phon   None
sig_date   2022-11-09 00:00:00
sig_loc   None
sig_naml   Lane
sig_namf   Jessica
sig_namt   None
sig_nams   None
prn_naml   Lane
prn_namf   Jessica
prn_namt   None
prn_nams   None
sig_title   Chief Compliance Officer
stmt_firm   None
ind_cb   None
bus_cb   X
trade_cb   None
oth_cb   None
a_b_name   None
a_b_city   None
a_b_st   None
a_b_zip4   None
descrip_1   None
descrip_2   Investment advisory services
c_less50   None
c_more50   None
ind_class   None
ind_descr   None
bus_class   OTH
bus_descr   Investment advisory services
auth_name   None
auth_city   None
auth_st   None
auth_zip4   None
lobby_int   Solicitation in connection with the offer or sale of securities or private investment funds managed by, and investment advisory services offered by, an SEC-registered investment adviser.
influen_yn   None
firm_name   None
newcert_cb   None
rencert_cb   None
complet_dt   None
lby_reg_cb   None
lby_604_cb   None
st_leg_yn   None
st_agency   None
lobby_cb   None
l_firm_cb   None
Table: filer_filings
filer_id   1395867
filing_id   2753938
period_id   252
form_id   F603
filing_sequence   0
filing_date   2022-11-09 00:00:00
stmnt_type   10001
stmnt_status   11003
session_id   2023
user_id   CAFILER
special_audit   11003
fine_audit   11003
rpt_start   2022-11-09 00:00:00
rpt_end   2022-11-09 00:00:00
rpt_date   None
filing_type   22006
Table: filings
filing_id   2753938
filing_type   22001
Table: hdr
filing_id   2753938
amend_id   0
rec_type   HDR
ef_type   CAL
state_cd   CA
cal_ver   2.01
soft_ver   1.00
hdrcomment   None