Filing ID: 2752859

PDF: https://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/PDFGen/pdfgen.prg?filingid=2752859&amendid=0

Table: cvr_campaign_disclosure
filing_id   2752859
amend_id   0
rec_type   CVR
form_type   F498
filer_id   1345303
entity_cd   SMO
filer_naml   Election Digest - A Project of the Coalition for Literacy
filer_namf   None
filer_namt   None
filer_nams   None
report_num   000
rpt_date   2022-11-06 00:00:00
stmt_type   None
late_rptno   62
from_date   None
thru_date   None
elect_date   2018-11-06 00:00:00
filer_city   Torrance
filer_st   CA
filer_zip4   90505
filer_phon   (818) 357-9835
filer_fax   None
file_email   None
mail_city   Chatsworth
mail_st   CA
mail_zip4   91311
tres_naml   None
tres_namf   None
tres_namt   None
tres_nams   None
tres_city   None
tres_st   None
tres_zip4   None
tres_phon   None
tres_fax   None
tres_email   None
cmtte_type   None
control_yn   None
sponsor_yn   None
primfrm_yn   None
brdbase_yn   None
amendexp_1   None
amendexp_2   None
amendexp_3   None
rpt_att_cb   None
cmtte_id   None
reportname   None
rptfromdt   None
rptthrudt   None
emplbus_cb   None
bus_name   None
bus_city   None
bus_st   None
bus_zip4   None
bus_inter   None
busact_cb   None
busactvity   None
assoc_cb   None
assoc_int   None
other_cb   None
other_int   None
cand_naml   None
cand_namf   None
cand_namt   None
cand_nams   None
cand_city   None
cand_st   None
cand_zip4   None
cand_phon   None
cand_fax   None
cand_email   None
bal_name   None
bal_num   None
bal_juris   None
office_cd   None
offic_dscr   None
juris_cd   None
juris_dscr   None
dist_no   None
off_s_h_cd   None
sup_opp_cd   None
employer   None
occupation   None
selfemp_cb   None
bal_id   None
cand_id   None
Table: filer_filings
filer_id   1345303
filing_id   2752859
period_id   252
form_id   F498
filing_sequence   0
filing_date   2022-11-06 00:00:00
stmnt_type   10001
stmnt_status   11003
session_id   2021
user_id   CAFILER
special_audit   11003
fine_audit   11003
rpt_start   2022-11-06 00:00:00
rpt_end   2022-11-06 00:00:00
rpt_date   2022-11-06 00:00:00
filing_type   22001
Table: filings
filing_id   2752859
filing_type   22001
Table: hdr
filing_id   2752859
amend_id   0
rec_type   HDR
ef_type   CAL
state_cd   CA
cal_ver   2.01
soft_name   NETFILE
soft_ver   199332
hdrcomment   None
Table: received_filings
filer_id   1345303
filing_file_name   2752859_0.cal
received_date   2022-11-06 00:00:00
filing_directory   /cafiler/disclose/ca99/cal
filing_id   2752859
form_id   F498
receive_comment   Filing accepted
Table: s498
filing_id   2752859   2752859
amend_id   0   0
line_item   1   2
rec_type   S498   S498
form_type   F498-R   F498-A
tran_id   INC5151   INC5151
entity_cd   COM   COM
cmte_id   1445830   1445830
payor_naml   Alliance to End Homelessness in Support of Bob Hertzberg for L.A. County Supervisor 2022   Alliance to End Homelessness in Support of Bob Hertzberg for L.A. County Supervisor 2022
payor_namf   None   None
payor_namt   None   None
payor_nams   None   None
payor_city   Los Angeles   Los Angeles
payor_st   CA   CA
payor_zip4   90071   90071
date_rcvd   2022-11-03 00:00:00   None
amt_rcvd   12510   None
cand_naml   None   Bob Hertzberg
cand_namf   None   None
cand_namt   None   None
cand_nams   None   None
office_cd   None   CSU
offic_dscr   None   None
juris_cd   None   OTH
juris_dscr   None   Los Angeles County
dist_no   None   3
off_s_h_cd   None   None
bal_name   None   None
bal_num   None   None
bal_juris   None   None
sup_opp_cd   None   S
amt_attrib   None   12510
memo_code   None   None
memo_refno   None   None
employer   None   None
occupation   None   None
selfemp_cb   None   None