TitleYearUK 1stUK 1st SgndUS 1stUS 1st SgndOther
Killing Floor1997     
Die Trying1998     
The Visitor (US title: Running Blind)2000     
Echo Burning2001     
Without Fail2002     
The Enemy2004     
One Shot2005     
The Hard Way2006     
Bad Luck and Trouble2007     
Nothing To Lose2008     
Gone Tomorrow2009     
61 Hours2010     
Worth Dying For2010     
The Affair2011     
A Wanted Man2012     
Never Go Back2013     
Make Me2015     
No Middle Name (stories)2017     
Night School2016     
The Midnight Line2017     
Past Tense2018     
Blue Moon2019     
The Sentinel2020     
Better Off Dead