For any questions about logging in to any of these applications, please contact me at:

ray at 'the largest moon of Jupiter' + dot + org.
See if your astronomy knowledge is rusty.

Your question may be "why would I want to log in?" You probably do not. The applications which are vending public data do not ask for a login account to read the data. This includes the application which will give JSON data from all of the applcations. If you have a yearning to be to be more actively active in any of these appications, let me know. These are very early days for most of these applications.

You question may be "how do these logins work?"

They work without passwords. If you have an account, I will associate your access rights to an e-mail address. To log in, fill in the form with your e-mail address and a link will be mailed to you. If you click on the link in this e-mail, which I call an "invitation", you will be logged in to the application. If appropriate, there may soon be a 2FA challenge at this point.

You may ask how secure this is. I would ask you, how secure are all of your other passwords? Passwords may be securely stored or not, properly salted and hashed or not, left exposed on publically visible AWS accounts or not. Are you able to reset your password via e-mail? If so, then your password may be as secure as your access to that e-mail account, but there is no way it will be any more secure than that, no matter what anyone does. So, why should I bother with trying to figure out how to properly store these things? And why should you need to figure out how to store your 101st password? Let us all just not play this game, ok?

And thank you for your support.

CC BY 4.0, Ray Kiddy, 2020.