County Url Resources

The purpose of this application is to allow a group of people to track some URL resources related to different court systems around the United States. These are (or seem to be) mostly organized at the county-level, or at the level of an administrative entity analogous to a county.

There is a read-only version of the application which can be accessed at this URL:

List of States

When first accessed, the application displays a list of states or state-like entities. One can either go directly to the desired state or pick one of the "types" of urls being tracked. As of now, the only type is case calendar. Additional types may be expungement, or jail population, or perhaps jail operation policy.

If one selects a url type from this page, one will also see the count of counties in each "state" and the number of counties in the state that have at least one URL defined.

When a state is selected, one goes to a page with a table for that state. By default, this view is not editable.

If one has an account to enable writing to the application, then you must access the application with a URL that includes your authentication digest. If you lose your digest, another one can be issued to you. If you enter the application in this manner, one will see a form at the top of the list of URLs for a state which allows the insertion of a new url resource.

There is no "data checking" done on the data added. Any number of urls can be associated with a given county. The integrity of the url is not checked. There is a maximum length of the info string associated with a url, but it should be hard to reach if you do not go crazy with the amount of text being written. This is supposed to be a bit of explanatory info about a url, not a book about it or an explanation of everything found at the site. KISS, as they say.

The login identifier is attached to every url and url info note added to the system. As of now, a url or note cannot be edited. If something is wrong, create another url and explain the issue. Editing of the urls and notes may be added later, but there is a benefit in a simple design.

And That is All

Remember. Let's be careful out there.